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Help me Name the New Kid Goat at Wiggley Bottom Farm

Our farmstay welcomes a new member to the clan

On Monday morning at about 7am, I went into the goat shed to check on Sweep, (my 1 yr old hand-reared miniature goat), and found her standing next to her first born, proud as punch! The kid could literally fit in the palm of my hand, she was tiny and was probably only a couple of hours old.

Sweep with her new baby kid

Sweep is a delightful Mum, very loving and attentive, but had problems feeding at first, so I gave her a hand (literally - I hand milked her) and got some much needed milk into the tiny tot. She's very happy for us to come over and say a gentle hello and hold and stroke her baby, and here's Harley meeting her and Kathryn having a nuzzle!

Harley and the kid are cleverly in matching outfits

Kathryn passes Harley the 3 day old goat

That's the beauty of staying on a farmstay, you get to really interact with all our animals, which is so good for all of us, animals, children and grown ups alike.

A new rare breed

And now it's day 3 in this little one's life and she's doing brilliantly. She's very adventurous and loves to climb the rocks, helpfully supervised at all times by all the goats around her. She's a new breed, as Sweep was rutted in Mornington with an American pygmy - so the kid is a cross, and aren't her markings beautiful?

The goats love clambering on the rocks

This is where you come in...

So, what to call her? I'd love your suggestions. Add your suggestions for names in the comments below or pop on over to our facebook page and tell us what you think.

the kid goat needs a name

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