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5 Star Dog Accommodation in Victoria's Yarra Valley

And the pooch comes too....


A common problem for us dog lovers is the ‘going away’ dilemma – do we put our furry friends in kennels, try and get a dog sitter or ask the neighbours? If your dog hasn’t been to kennels before this can be just as stressful for you the dog owner as it can be for the pooch, which is counter-productive given that the poor dogs pick up on our stress!

Years ago we’d all lament ‘If only we could take the dog with us?’ But fortunately now, more and more places are catering for dogs and their owners, and pet friendly accommodation is no longer such a rarity. Here at Wiggley Bottom Farm we have very straightforward guidelines for dog owners and as long as your four legged friends get on well with other dogs (I have three of my own here at WBF – that's Polly, Teddy & Ziggy in the photo) then WBF could well be the ideal Yarra Valley pet friendly accommodation for you.

Hound Heaven over the Road

And to be honest, we’re more than just pet friendly accommodation, I’d say we are pro-pet accommodation! Not only can your dog(s) come and stay with you in your accommodation here at Wiggley Bottom Farm, and enjoy treats during their stay, a ball, a throw toy, a towel left out for their helpers to wipe their muddy paws on, and a bowl for their food, but they can also go for some socialising and grooming for the day over the road at Badger Creek Boarding Kennels if you’re going out for the day. They enjoy 'nature walks' in the most beautiful surroundings, so they get to enjoy their time in the Yarra Valley as much as you!! Look!

Coming to the Yarra Valley for a Wedding?

Many of you come to the Yarra Valley for a wedding or a special occasion, so often need to be out for the day. And rather than your pooch pining here for you with no-one to play with and nothing to do, they can have a wonderful day at their own ‘spa’ over the road at day kennels – where they can have a bath, be groomed, play with other doggy residents, you name it, it’s all round doggy day care there. And what’s more, it couldn’t be handier, as you can literally drop your dog off at the end of the driveway – and collect him/her up as you get back to WBF. I drop my three dogs there if I’m in Melbourne for the day or am going to be away overnight and they have a ball – it’s great socialising for them and there are always new friends to be made and new smells to enjoy; it’s like a mini-break for dogs within their holiday really. Lucky pooches! Plus the kennels put facebook posts up and videos of your pets, so you can see them having fun, like these two brothers below!

facebook post of brothers (dogs) at Badger Creek Boarding Kennels

So, next time you need a holiday with your pet in the Yarra Valley, book early to avoid disappointment. You can always call too, to check availability, on 0411 608 400 or email me. Hope to see you and yours soon at Wiggley Bottom Farm, Gillie :-)

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