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Wine Tours with Your Four Legged Friends

Dogs in Cellar Doors? Whatever next?

Picture this – you’ve come away for a night or two with your two and four legged friend(s) to Wiggley Bottom Farm - luxurious pet friendly accommodation in the heart of the Yarra Valley, a wine region famed for its stunning Chardonnays and Pinots - and understandably you want to do a wine tour. But your four legged friend looks up at you with those eyes and that expression that tears at your heart, as if to say ‘Take me with you, don’t leave me, I want to come too.’ We all know that look!

Henry the Kelpie enjoys a wine tour at Maddens Rise Yarra Valley

Dog Friendly Wine Tour

And that’s exactly why we created our dog friendly wine tour. We did our research and cherry picked some of our favourite nearby wineries to approach and asked them if we could bring dogs into their cellar door. And we were delighted to receive a resounding ‘yes’. So, next time you come to stay with your four legged friend, we can ALL go on a wine tour, in the ute, on two legs as well as four.

The ute tour can take a dog plus 2-4 human helpers, so this is ideal for a couple staying with their dog. Throughout the tour we can visit:

Maddens Rise - where the lovely Emma will conduct a personal tasting in her boutique cellar door with you (while falling in love with your dog). Note, she may well have a goose with her in the cellar door, stranger things have been known.

Clive the goose at Maddens Rise Winery Yarra Valley

Medhurst Wines - for a gorgeous welcome from Budelia and co behind the bar, where you can enjoy a tasting, hopefully including their 2016 Rose, made from 60% Cabernet and 40% Shiraz which won gold at the Yarra Valley Wine Show.

Hanrahan’s - where Bev will bowl you over with kindness and wine and you can rest your gaze out over one of the finest views of the Yarra Valley, while your four legged friend plays with Otis, Hanrahan’s delightful wine dog.

Otis the wine dog at Hanrahans Winery Yarra Valley

Meletos – where we can sup on a Napoleon beer, try a tasting paddle of ciders or just kick back with another glass of fine Yarra Valley wines – what a fabulous way to tour!

There are also a variety of great dining options we can organise for you at these cellar doors too – ranging from cheese platters to gourmet BBQs, or if you’d prefer, a full à la carte menu.

And all conducted in a farm ute, with your dog(s). Does life get any better?

Be sure to ask me about our ‘ute wine tour with dogs’ when you book, as it does depend on days/availability.

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