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We Love Pets

The finest boutique
pet-friendly accommodation
in Healesville

At Wiggley Bottom Farm we know that pets are valued members of the family and many people like to holiday with them. 


We understand you want to holiday with your four-legged friends and we have welcomed back many a contented dog who has enjoyed a slice of country life.
At Wiggley Bottom Farm we have resident animals, (dogs, horses, geese, goats and neighbouring cows) so we ask guests to adhere to the following 'Visiting Pets Guidelines' whilst staying with us at Wiggley Bottom Farm.

We also like to let guests know we are near a popular boarding kennel which can get noisy during peak holiday periods.  

Visiting Pets Guidelines






There is a $50 charge for bringing your pet. Up to 2 dogs ($100).

Animals can be secured in the fenced area when you are away from the property. If your pooch is house trained, you are welcome to leave him/her inside but please let Gillie know before doing so. 

We are happy for your pet to be indoors, but ask they are kept off the furniture and out of bedrooms.

Please pick up your dog's poo and dispose of it in an appropriate manner.

If letting your dog run around the property, please be aware and responsible for their movements in relation to the farm animals on the property.

Any damage to house, doors, garden and furnishings will be charged for accordingly.

Henry koolie dog on holiday in the cottage.jpg
Pet activities during your stay at Wiggley


Why not take your dog with you on a pet-friendly private wine tour - check out local tour company Pooches And Pinot's tours!​

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