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Farm Stay

Authentic experience with all the creature comforts

Come and meet our animals!


We have mini goats who love to be fussed over, including two baby mini goats who were born in Nov 2106.  Our horse Flash Harry who is currently not so flash, suffers from stringhalt, so is currently walking like John Cleese and has just been moved to a neighbours paddock!  


Our three friendly dogs are Teddy B Bear, (the cuddler - Teddy is famous for cuddling guests' legs) Polly Waffle (the smiler, Polly literally smiles on command) and Ziggy Stardust (the thief - has been known to steal scotch fillet out of the sink!) 

As you turn into the drive, the welcoming committee of geese may well be blocking the driveway – just drive towards them slowly and they should move out of the way! 

It is well known that spending time with animals reduces stress levels and helps people truly relax.  Come and meet ours during your farm stay.

There’s a huge lawn with plenty of space for the kids to let off steam. Take a glass of local wine out on the deck and enjoy the beautiful surrounds while watching the sun set over the distant rolling hills.

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