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Wiggley - proud supporters of Gay Marriage

At Wiggley we wag our tails at everyone who comes to stay - whether it's someone on their own needing a bit of time out, a young couple with a toddler, or puppy, an older couple celebrating an anniversary or a same sex couple wanting a holiday in our beautiful Yarra Valley.

We cannot imagine discriminating against any holiday maker who simply wants to come and share in our beautiful corner of the world. Sadly we know that many people don't share our views and there is still great inequality - none more so than the fact that gay couples still cannot marry legally in this country. Yet. We're thrilled with the outcome of the vote on Wednesday mind you!

Australia voted yes.

And we were struck by love and what it means recently when we went to see Elton John perform live here in the Yarra Valley at Rochford Winery around the corner from Wiggley Bottom Farm. As the sun began to sink over the hill we all linked arms and sang our hearts out, and it was really emotional hearing him sing the lyrics to 'I want Love ' - it touched us on different levels; we thought of loved ones no longer with us, of the many atrocities going on around the world, and in particular our hearts went out to all those whose futures are being decided right now in this country, as to whether they will be allowed legally to marry the one they love. Here's a short clip of the song...

You may have heard that Wiggley Bottom Farm is one of four exclusive destinations available to wedding planners Little Weddings Yarra Valley for their clients' weddings.

Happy newly weds with dalmation bridesmaids at Wiggley Bottom Farm

A 'little wedding' can be for up to 30 guests and the destinations they work with are in stunning Yarra Valley locations not usually open to the public for weddings, so are that bit extra special. Hanrahans, Little House on the Hill, House on Maddens and Wiggley Bottom Farm each have their own charm and personality and make a lovely choice for clients wanting a small Yarra Valley wedding.

the geese were in attendance at this Wiggley Bottom Farm wedding

One of the unique things that we all adore about Little Weddings is their total inclusiveness and understanding that each client wants their wedding and ceremony to reflect their individuality.

Rather than offering clients a homogenous package (please select package 1, 2 or 3) - Little Weddings listen to what their clients want from their special day and work with them to create something unique to that couple - be they same sex, on marriage number three, wanting to include their children from blended families, include their pets in their ceremony, whatever it is that means something special to them.

pet friendly weddings at wiggley bottom farm

So, while the politicians decide the future of same sex marriage, we at Wiggley and the planners at Little Weddings Yarra Valley continue to work with clients for whom Love is Love and give them a beautiful meaningful civil union and ceremony within the parameters that are currently allowed. And we so look forward to the day when gay couples' human rights are recognised and that they can legally marry in Australia.

Here's to our first gay wedding at Wiggley Bottom Farm. Imagine the joy!

little weddings yarra valley blackboard with flowers

If you're interested in finding out more about a wedding at Wiggley, contact Little Weddings Yarra Valley on

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