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Spring approaches at Wiggley Bottom Farm

We’re very lucky on our property, that even in the depths of winter there is still plenty of colour in the garden, with jonquils and early cheer, leaves on the trees and plenty of greenery. And now that we’ve had a couple of warm days, (yesterday topped 21 degrees which is cause for celebration if you’re me) the blossom is starting to burst, the wattles are in flower and our Manchurian Pears are out in full - they look glorious.

Manchurian Pear Trees in full blossom

Just yesterday as I was on my way over to the cottage I spied the first of the asparagus spears forcing their way through the soil and this morning they had doubled in size, which is so exciting.

And on my To Do list for the property this year is to get a veggie garden planted out. My friend is weaving one for me made from old prunings, so it should look spectacular - I'll post up some photos as and when. I’ve plans for a herb wall too at the cottage so guests can just pick what they need when they need it.

Asparagus shoots appearing

And Soon There’ll be New Kids on the Farm

Our miniature goats are soon to become mums for the first time - Sooty & Sweep are already pregnant and Cinnamon & Nutmeg are off to be rutted with an American pygmy called, wait for it, wait for it... Woody(!) who lives down on the Mornington Peninsula. Their gestation period is 5 months, so watch our facebook page for news of the exciting arrivals around Dec/Jan time.

The girls go off to Riverstone for a month for ’rutting’. Their little holiday costs $400 per goat to get pregnant including their month's agistment. Hopefully they'll have two babies each - we sell the males but keep the females. Did you know we have a little goat breeding business? We called it “The Sisters Gruff” :-) So if you're in the market for a goat or two, let me know and I'll get your name down on the list.

Miniature goats off to be rutted

The geese are also in full nesting mode and are dragging straw from all over the farm to build their nests so they can lay their eggs. Their goslings should be with us from October onwards and they are the sweetest littlest bundles of joy (here's one of last years' poppets) - so as you can imagine, I'll be uploading pictures on facebook like a proud new Mum!

gosling at Wiggley Bottom Farm

Well, that's brought you up to date with some of the happenings on the farm. Hope you're all well wherever you are and have lovely weekends to look forward to and here's to seeing you for a stay soon at Wiggley Bottom Farm.

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